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Assessor courses can be tailored to individual company requirements, starting from 2.5 days up to 4
days, below is an example of a 4-day assessor course. This is a 4-day training course which teaches
delegates how to plan and carry out driver assessments on behalf of their business, and includes
assessment skills, reporting, Highway Code knowledge and route planning exercises.

There is a need in the market place for an effective Driving Assessor training course.
Southwest Fleet Solutions have provided this training for Corporate Clients in the past, but the
emphasise has been on developing the driving skills of the attendees, with little regard to their
competence in planning, preparing and conducting Assessment Drives. The assumption was that if
Driving Assessors are accomplished drivers, they should be able to identify poor driving practices in
other: although a reasonable assumption, it does not address the salient aspects of the Assessing

Southwest Fleet Solutions Driving Assessor Course:
This is a four-day course for Business Customers who hold an Advanced Driving qualification.

 Meet, greet and course administration;
 Highway Code Test 1;
 Analysis and Discussion of the Test results;
 Assessment Drive, for those who sat the Advanced Test more than 3 years from the Course
start date and for those who do not have an Advanced Test qualification for the category of
vehicle driven by those they will be required to Assess;
 Presentation on the ‘Role of the Driving Assessor’;
 Presentation on ‘The Driver risk evaluation Report (DRE)’;
 Presentation on ‘Fault Identification and Implications;

Day 2:
 Presentation on ‘Giving Route Directions’;
 Presentation on the ‘The Assessment Briefing’;
 Presentation on the ‘The Assessment Debriefing’;
 Practical session dealing with pre-drive checks, including documentation;
 Assessment Drive 1: Route Direction exercise;
 Assessment Drive 2: Fault Identification and Implications;

 Presentation on ‘Recording Multiple Driving Faults’;

Day 3:
 Assessment Drive 3: full Assessment exercise;
 Presentation on ‘Route Planning and the Assessment Form’;
 Assessment Drive 4: ‘Piloting a pre-planned Assessment Route and Assessment Form’;
 Assessment Drive 5: ‘Validating a pre-planned Assessment Route and Assessment Form’;
 Trainer Debrief of Assessment Drive 5 with development feedback to Trainees;
 Trainees Plan and Prepare an Assessment Route and associated Assessment Form for Day 4;

Day 4:
 Assessment Drive 6: full Assessment exercise and rehearsal for the Final Assessment;
 Highway Code Test 2;
 Analysis and Discussion of the Test results;
 Assessment Drive 7: final Assessment. This is a Pass / Fail Assessment where the Trainees’
competence is assessed by the Trainer to see if the Course Competencies have been
 Course Wash-up.

The South West Fleet Solutions Driving Assessor Course outlined in this Summary is ‘fit for purpose’.
The preferred driving standard for Course entry is an Advanced Driving qualification, however, if a
Company does not insist on their Assessors being Advanced Drivers, they must at least meet the
driving standard required for entry to the course and this will be assessed by the Trainer, prior to the
course start date, using the DRE to grade the drive.

The Course develops in the chronological order a qualified Assessor would go about planning and
preparing a new Driving Assessment Route, by deciding on a Route Plan; the pilot drive to test the
Route; the validation Drive to run the amends falling out of the pilot: in each case, the assistance of
another experienced Driving Assessor is important in the development of a new route.
Finally, the Driving Assessor conducts the Assessment Drive with a driver and completes the
necessary reports, which go on file as evidence of the Employer’s due diligence in ensuring the driver
is a fit and proper person, qualified to drive Company vehicles in a safe and effective manner.

Mark Lane Rospa dip, DVSA Fleet 301486